Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oooh exciting :o)

My muscles are feeling very fatigued in general (though arm/shoulder DOMS yet to make an appearance!) so I decided to have a rest day today.

Definitely made the most of it though, and enjoyed driving home with the sun still in the sky for a chenge.  It was a very pleasant 15°C too... spring has sprung at last.  Anyway, talking about spring I have ordered my chicks for this year *bounce*  I'll get then when they are one day old sometime next week.  I've ordered 4 Cous-Nus (naked necks), 4 Cedré and 4 Soli.  The cedré are very pretty, and I'm just hoping that I'll have a good boy/girl ratio - like all girls and no boys!!!

No probs though if some do turn out to be boys, there is nothing quite like eating meat that you have raised, and all 3 breeds are meant to be very tasty.

I'm still hankering after some Brahmas though, so I might have to go up to the poultry fayre which is not too far from here in April.  

Weight this morning: 194.9 +0.5lbs compared to yesterday... probably the gnocchi I had for dinner last night, yummy but very heavy!

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