Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome to my Workaholics Weightloss Journey

Hi there, welcome to my workaholics weightloss journey.

I live alone, save for my 2 cats (and 6 chooks), and as I have no one to chat to (and there is only so mych my colleagues at work will put up with) I decided to write my thoughts and feelings down - especially as I'm losing my mojo a bit at the moment.

Just a bit of a potted history... I've been over weight all my adult life, and despite trying many of the weightloss options out there, my weight has crept up and up.

I managed to lose 21lbs at the end of 2008, however 2009 was a bit of a washout, and I put that all back on, with an extra 10lbs for good measure.

I started my latest weightloss journey on Boxing Day 2009. Starting statistics:

Age: 33
Height: 5ft 1in
Weight: 212.9lbs (15st 3lbs)
BMI: 41.8
Bust: 113cm
Chest: 95cm
Waist: 99.5cm
Hip: 127cm
R. Thigh 73.5cm
L. Thigh 72.5cm
R. Calf: 47cm
L. Calf: 46.5cm
R. Arm: 41cm
L. Arm: 39.5cm

So, I have a lot to work with, as it were. I have set myself a very ambitious target weight of 105lbs (7st 7lbs) which is a BMI of 20.4 (A BMI of 25, i.e. maximum healthy weight is about 128lbs, or 9st2lbs-ish). However what I haven't done is set a target date. I have reduced my caloric intake to I will lose approximately 1.5lbs per week, though I am a true believer in that as this is for life, I shouldn't let life pass me by while I worry about going over cals when I go out with the girls, or I celebrate a birthday etc. Sure I can be careful, but I'm not planning on depriving myself for months on end - how boring would that be?

In the meantime I have a special occaision coming up - a trip to the USofA in September, and whilst I might not be a skinny-minny by then I hope to be wearing some, if not all, of my "small clothes" (oh yes, I have then - I have several sizes of small clothes tbh lol!)

You may have wondered why I called my blog a "workaholics weightloss," well, I work in a field which requires working to specific regulatory timelines, and these are calendar days, not working days, so if a report has to go out, you basically work like an idiot all hours of the day, night and weekend til it's finished, approved, signed and dispatched. Consequently, I can find myself working upto 16 hours a day, and weekends in order to comply - which in itself is not conducive to healthy eating and regular exercise regimes.

I am, however, determined that this is the last time I am losing weight.

I use a food diary and an exercise diary to keep a track of my calorie intake and expenditure (this is all available on the amazing website). I also use the available fora on the site to ask questions and to chat with likeminded people which keeps me going.

So anyhoo I think that is probably enough for a rambling introduction... may be back laer with todays 'real' installment!

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