Sunday, March 28, 2010

Progress update and scales dilemma

Whoops, sorry I've been a bit delinquent with my posts, work has been manic and I've been working late most days this week... meaining I've been too tired for any computer work on an evening (spening 10 - 12 hours a day on a computer at work seems quite sufficient lol)

Had a bit of a blip during the week... the battery on my scales went again and it was a couple of days before I could get to the shops to get a new one.  Now does it seem a bit odd that my scales should go through a 9v battery (you know, one of those swuare/rectangle ones) every 3 weeks?  I know I weigh twice a day, but still - 9v batteries are not cheap, and it is costing my a fortune just to keep my daily weighing records.

So my dilemma is... do I stick with my current scales (Tanita/WeightWatchers - approx 6 years old) which weigh me very nicely in lbs (though could choose st/lb or kg), and also measure BMI, lbs fat, %fat and %water which cost approximately 3€ a month "running costs" in new batteries, or do I go for a sparkly new set, which will cost approximately 60€ but have the same functions but... will only weigh in kgs (in 100g increments)?

Suggestions very welcome as I'm useless at making decisions ;o)

Anyway... back on track.

Official WI yesterday and "officially" 196.3lb which is +1lb from last week *boo*

Now I could blame it on all kinds of things... I ate a shed load of pasta last week, I haven't been drinking my 2L of water a day, I have done very little exercise this week, but the reality is... I stopped writing everything down in my WLR food diary.  In general I have been careful about what I've been eating, and with giving up chocolate as my Lent sacrifice I haven't been going overboard, but still, it only goes to show how not been absolutely regimented every day can affect me.  Back on the food diary today to make sure next week I have a good loss. (As an aside, hopped on the scales this morning and I was back down to 195.3, so I have probably had a lucky escape, but I have learned my lesson and will be more careful in future!)

Yesterday was also the end of Operation Butt Kick  (aka OBK) which was organised and inspired by JustAGirl (you can read her amazing blog here).  Never in a million years would I have thought about posting half naked pics of myself on t'internet, but I have to say I did find it motivational, and since it was really only for the eyes of people on WLR - and we are all basically in the same boat - I thought 'well, what the hell'

In the 10 weeks since I took my "before" photos, I have lost...
  • 10lbs
  • 8.5cm off my bust
  • 7cm from by chest/under bust
  • 9cm from my waist and
  • 10cm from my hips

Oh, and if you can't tell that the photo on the left (taken 10 Jan 2010) is the "before" and the photo on the right (taken 27 Mar 2010) is the "after" photo, then gove yourself a slap with a wet fish please... I've worked damn hard lol!

Obviously this is just the start of a (long) journey, but I'm pretty satisifed overall (even though I was slightly disappointed with the new photos... I was impatient and wanted a more visible difference - fortunately the wonderful members of WLR were able to point out that you *can* see a big difference)

So I am now looking forward to OBK mk II which is starting, so it is rumoured, on 1st April.

Happy Sunday to you all

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