Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sun March 21st

Weight this morning: 195.3lbs same as yesterday:

Stats today

Age 33
Height 5'1"
BMI: 38.1 change from start -3.7
Bust: 102cm change from start -11cm
Chest: 89.5cm change from start -9.5cm
Waist: 86cm change from start -13.5cm
Hip: 115.0 change from start -12cm
R. Thigh: 67cm change from start -6.5cm
L. Thigh: 65cm change from start -7.5cm
R. Calf: 44.5cm change from start -2.5cm
L. Calf: 43.5cm change from start -3cm
R. Arm: 38.5cm change from start -2.5cm
L. Arm: 37cm change from start -2.5cm

Total cms lost = 70.5cm
Total weight lost = 17.6lbs not too shoddy in 12 weeks, right?

Evening everyone, now that I have some momentum going I just wanted to write about today.

Sundays, and well weekends in general, are tough for me.  I have very little structure, and nothing ever seems to go to plan, so I really just play it by ear.  Now in an ideal world, I'd get up, have breakfast, make myself useful, phone home, have lunch, potter around, have dinner, wash my hair and go to bed.  Never happens!

Today I: got up, checked (aka WLR), tested out my washer, had breakfast, phoned home... for 2 hours!!! (my brother and I can talk for England once we get started), checked WLR, checked facebook, got gnocchi out of the freezer for lunch and mince out for dinner, decided to paint the smallest room, decided I needed a jam sandwich before going on a run, ended up dispatching my cockeral instead (was getting complaints from neightbours about the noise), went on a run (on an empty stomach), checked WLR, checked FB, friends called round for a chat and by 7pm I still haven't had any lunch... pretty typical Sunday really.

I just wanted to mention my run... as an unfit adult, who was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma at age 12, I've pretty much avoided running at all costs.  In the past, all my cardio work at the gym has either been on a stationary cycle or walking on a treadmill.  It got to the stage where I had completely convinved myself that I couldn't run, even if I wanted to (and at that point I didn't want to).  Then looking at all the runners who posted on WLR, the majority of whom hadn't run either before starting to lose weight, I started to think, "well, why not.  Surely I must be able to do a little."  Since I was soooo unfit I modified a beginner program I found on so I was basically alternating 30seconds running with 2.5mins walking, increasing the amount of running I was doing every third gym session. I worked up to a whole 1min running before I got a chest infection and basically gave up the gym completely - for a year.

This time I started out doing my own thing again, and quickly moved from 1 min running 2 mins walking, to 4mins running and 2 mins walking.  I then came to a bit of a wall and didn't know how to proceed.  Then I found a couch to 10k program, which I liked, and from tomorrow I'm starting this, on week 4.  Now, normally all my running is done in the gym, on a treadmill.  Last week I ventured outside for the first time since I was forced to run at seconday school.  It gave me such a buzz that I actually managed to get out for 40 mins (total 3.56km according to that I decided it would become part of my normal week - I mean it is only 40mins out of my day, right?

Today I want out, and after a brisk 5min walk, I alternated running 3mins with 1min walks for 32 mins, and managed the same 3.56km in 2mins less tme this week.  Not only am I running outside, I am enjoying it.  I might not be the fastest, or most elegant runner out there (currently I must look like a lumbering elephant!), but I am getting out and doing it *nods* which is the important thing!

Have a great evening everyone :)

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